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SouLandscape is an Japanese Electro / Pop/ Rock duo active in Los Angeles.

NAHO's ethereal voice and synthesizer sound will depict imaginary scenes on peoples' mind.

SouLandscape presents and perform music for anime and video games.

June 16

Video: Film "KILL TEASER" Trailer Released

SouLandscape composed music for horror film "KILL TEASER."

Directed by MB X. McClain

Based on True Events: An Asian American Hacker investigates a website that creates torture videos. He becomes the unwilling sidekick for the sinister mastermind behind it, who changes his life in horrible ways.

Kill Teaser IMDb:





July 1&3

Live: Anime Expo 2016

@Community Stage & Lounge 21, 

Los Angeles Convention Center

SouLandscape's two day performance at Anime Expo 2016!

In addition to evolved version of their theatrical live performance, we had great guest musicians this time.

As a continuation from "SouLandscape Internet Live 2015," Poel (from The BMGP) performed as a guitarist.

And it was huge honor and we would like to appreciate that Mat-C/Masatoshi Nishimura, from Japanese J-Rock band "FENCE OF DEFENSE" who is well-known for one of their hit tunes "Sara (theme song for anime 'CITY HUNTER2)" and more, participated this performance as a bassist.


    01. Intro -

          Revolution Code #003 010716

          Revolution Code #004 030716

          - Our Revolution Begins -

    02. Polaris No Yoru (ポラリスの夜)

    03. Core No Kimi (コアの君)

    04. Interlude

          - The Wake of Eidos -

    05. Zankokuna Tenshino Thesis


    06. Wrong Way

    07. Blind Road 2016

    08. Senbonzakura 

          - SouLand EDM-EDR Version

Guest Musicians:

   Mat-C/Masatoshi Nishimura



   (from The BMGP)

SouLandscape Live in Anime Expo 2016 Trailer


December 19

Live: SouLandscape Internet Live


October 17

Live: San Diego Japan Fair 2015

@NTC at Liberty Station

Performance Video: "Senbonzakura - SouLand EDM-EDR Version -"

Collaborated with Isaku Kageyama (Wadaiko)

Performance video from San Diego Japan Fair 2015 as follows;



June 6
Live: SouLandscape Performance in Ninja-Con
@Japanese American Culture Commumity Center, Los Angeles 

February 18 
Live: Rock the Arts: T.G.I.F the 13th
@The Mid-City Arthouse, Los Angeles

January 2&3 

Live: SacAnime Winter 2015

@Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento



December 6 to 27 
Exhibition: Heart of Japan by Photographer Sanjiro Minamikawa
@JACCC, Los Angeles 
Performed acoustic style on the first day , 
Special Album "Yakudo - Dynamism -" was played at site.

December 6 
Release: Special Album
"Yakudo - Dynamism -"

    01. 序曲:闇 (Prologue: Dark)

    02. 希望 (Hope)

    03. 蝶 (Butterfly)

    04. 川原 (River)

    05. 朝 (Morn)

    06. 宴 (Feast)

    07. 月 (Moon)

    08. 苦悩 (Misery)

    09. 五月雨 (Early Summer Rain)

    10. 終曲:春乱 (Epilogue: Spring Has Come Around)


December 5 
Video: Musiclaps Media Inc. Promotion Video Is Played at Theaters in U.S and Canada
SouLandscape composed music and played some roles in the video. 

    Uzumasa Limelight Website

Musiclaps Inc. Promotion Video


November 26

Video: Musiclaps Media Inc. Promotion Video Is Played at premiere in Toronto, Canada


November 25 

Video: Musiclaps Media Inc. Promotion Video Is Played at premiere in Los Angeles 


September 21

Release: Yui Sensational's 2nd Album "No Music No Sensational Life"

SouLandscape participated vocal arrangement and recording for track "Story "


September 7 

Video: "Like A Butterfly" Official Music Video ReleasedTune from SouLandscape's 1st Album "Stand Alone α"


Directed by Minomiyabi



July 15

Live: Bridge USA Summer Festival 

@Cultural Arts Center, Torrance


Performance Video: "Kimio Nosete" (Theme of LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky)


July 9
Onair: TJS Radio 
Los Angeles: FM106.3 /San Diego: AM1450 
Comment and Tune were played.


July 4&5 

Live: Anime EXPO 2014

@Los Angeles Convention Center 

April 26
@Nirvana, Little Tokyo Los Angeles

March 21

Live: Vamp Star Event 

@CLUB GOOD HURT, Los Angeles

March 7

Onair: SouLandscape's tunes were featured on internet radio show SakuraFM 78.7MHz "Girl Meets Cassette" in Japan.



December 24

Live: 11th Annual Jingle Dingle 2013

K.K performed solo piano performance as "SouLand K.K"

December 24 
Video: "Sing for X'mas John Lennon Happy X'mas" Cover
Directed by Minomiyabi 





November 17
Live: UNITY Vol.1
@CLUB GOOD HURT, Los Angeles
Rendition Cast 
Miesha Matthews as Fake NAHO (of Fake SouLandscape)
Le Poel as Fake K.K (of Fake SouLandscape)

Performance Video with Opening Skit

October 12&13
Live: LA Japan Fair 2013
@ Fairground, Costa Mesa

September 29
Release: "Shyga" released on Internet Watch 
We love Starcraft, and it inspired us to make this song. We set it to their amazing cinematics, which contain so much emotion and drama.

The videos, of course, are all property of Blizzard Entertainment, and not something we made. We made the music and edited the movies to match our song.

September 8

Live: Opening Act for ? Pia-no-jaC ? Live in Los Angeles

@Senor Fish, Los Angeles Watch

Performance Samples

September 7
Live: re:vibe

@ Bar Ciel, Gardena

August 24
@Nirvana, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

August 3
Live: re:vibe

@ Bar Ciel, Gardena


July 28 

Live: NEW FACES LA Event

@ Gallery Mujo, Los Angeles


Live: Church Gig @ Little White Chapel, Burbank

January 27

Live: Sake Tasting Fair@ MIZUKI, Irvine

January 26
Live: TUNE IN TOKYO Final Event for 2nd Street Jazz
@2nd Street Jazz, Los Angeles

Performance Video: ”Wrong Way"

Performance video from Tune In Tokyo Final Event at 2nd Street Jazz as follows;




December 18
Live: Okinawa Cover Night 
@ HABUYA, Tustin


November 3

Live: VAMP STAR 10th Anniversary Event

@CLUB GOOD HURT, Los Angeles


November 14

Live: @Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood


November 3
@briXton, Redondo Beach


Message01: SouLandscape Official Message Video

                   (Released by Released from Nameless Group)


Message02: K.K Message with Samples of Tunes

Performance video from REVOLT 2012 as follows;


October 3

Distribution: 1st Album "Stand Alone" on SaleAvailable at


"AUTOFREAK" (San Francisco)

1737 Post Street #310 San Francisco CA 94115


"Moritaya" (San Francisco)

1737 Post Street #325 San Francisco CA 94115


"J-Style" (Costa Mesa)

Mitsuwa Marketplace665 Paularino Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626


"AUTOFREAK" (New Jersey)

595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020

August 26

Live: OC Japan Fair 2012

@The Outlets at Orange

August 25
Article: NAHO was featured on Orange County's
free paper "Sweet Orange"

June 29
Live: Anime EXPO 2012
@Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles


Performance video from AnimeEXPO 2012 as follows;



May 27
Live: San Diego Japan Fair 2012
@Del Mar Fairground, San Diego


Performance video from San Diego Japan Fair 2012 as follows;




June 8

Release: 1st Album "Stand Alone"

    01. Squall

    02. Blind Road

    03. Self-Control

    04. Welcome To The Nation

    05. Music Rising Sun

    06. On My Way Home

    07. Wrong Way

    08. Children of God

    09. Like A Butterfly

(This album is currently available at iTunes as its deluxe edition "Stand Alone Alpha" with additional track from the EP "Blind Road," "Blind Road - Club Version -.")

You can purchase the album from the link as follows;



March 25 to May 6

Charity: Weekly Concert Series for Japan Tohoku Tsunami Disaster Relief

@Sushi Koto Restaurant, Fountain Valley California

Featured on local press "Fountain Valley Patch"



February 28

Contest: "Bar Karma" BGM Contest

@indaba music

The tune submitted here is later included in 1st album "Stand Alone" for track 4 "Welcome To The Nation"


February 3

Release: 1st EP "Blind Road" through iTunes

    01. Blind Road

    02. Like A Butterfly

    03. Blind Road - Club Version -

(This iEP is currently not available on iTunes. Instead, all the tracks in this EP are included in 1st album special edition "Stand Alone Alpha" at iTunes.)



December 24

Video: Silent Night 2010

Just for small chill and fun for Christmas, SouLandscape's cover version of "Silent Night" was released.

December 18

Radio: Promotion at Yui Yamamoto's Internet Radio Show "Project-Y"

@Berklee Internet Radio Network

Promoted the upcoming EP "Blind Road" with some talk with the host Yui Yamamoto.


September 23

Contest: Nightclub City Original Dance Music Contest

@indaba music

Our 1st original tune "Blind Road - Club Verion -" was submitted. Lator, this tune becomes fan favorite tune.

This tune was ranked at 44th place out of total 1022 submissions.


July 24

Contest: LINKIN PARK "The Catalyst" Remix contest

@indaba music

"The Catalyst" - SouLand Remix -


May 24

Live: SouLandscape 1st Live - Acoustic Style -, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

@ 2nd Street Jazz


May 24

SouLandscape was formed.


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