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SouLandscape is an Japanese Electro / Pop/ Rock duo active in Los Angeles.

NAHO's ethereal voice and synthesizer sound will depict imaginary scenes on peoples' mind.

SouLandscape presents and perform music for anime and video games.



Lyrics by NAHO

Music & Arrangement by SouLandscape


We love Starcraft, and we composed this song imagining scenes of the games. The song depicts fierce wars of space and individuals' tragedies through the warfare.

The video is a property of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


Lyrics by NAHO

Music & Arrangement by SouLandscape


A song from our 1st album "Stand Alone."

We put this song to scenes from Japanese anime series called "PSYCHO-PASS" to convey the world of the tune.

SouLandscape Profile

Who is SouLandscape?


SouLandscape was formed by NAHO (vocalist, performer, and composer) and K.K (keyboardist, performer, and composer) on May 24 2010.

"Soul" + "Landscape" = "Imaginary Soundscape"

(What's Their Originality?)


Their originality is "to express imaginary scenes through music."

And then what the imaginary scenes are composed of are two elements: "soul," represented by NAHO, and "landscape," represented by K.K.

NAHO's ethereal voice expresses her "soul" and K.K's synthesizer sounds will surround it with their sonic space, letting the music organically convey imaginary scenes.


Anime/Video Games: 

What SouLandscape Can Best Express


Anime/Video Games/Films are areas where SouLandscape's expression matches the medium.

NAHO's "soul": ethereal voice and K.K's "landscape": synthesizer sounds will bring additional depth and emotion to those scenes.

Live Performances: 


Soulandscapes live performance strive to be much more than mere singing and instrumental play. To achieve wider scale of enteretainment, they use unique equipment, add dramatic acts and so on.

To see more live performance video and photos with their history, --> Here

"Blind Road - Club Version -"

Lyrics by NAHO

Music & Arrangement by SouLandscape


A song from our 1st album "Stand Alone Alpha"

This dance tune is SouLandscape's theme song. This always comes at the end (or sometimes beginning) of SouLandscape's shows.

"1st Album Stand Alone Trailer"


Samples of 1st album "Stand Alone"


This album is now available at iTunes as deluxe version with addition of "Blind Road - Club Version-" from 1st EP "Blind Road."


To Purchase Music at iTunes

"Like A Butterfly"

Lyrics by NAHO

Music & Arrangement by SouLandscape


This ballad features vocalist NAHO's ethereal voice and singing and its soundscape.

The music video was directed by illustrator/animator minomiyabi (

Anime & Video Game Covers HOME

Anime & Video Game Covers

"残酷な天使のテーゼ (A Cruel Angel's Thesis)"

Theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Arrangement by SouLandscape


No need for explanation! The most famous and loved song among anime!!


Video by SouLandscape


"創聖のアクエリオン (Genesis of Aquarion)"

Arrangement by SouLandscape


Video by Convention Life (Michael Tang)

Taken at SacAnime Winter 2015


Commercials &

North America Premiere

"Musiclaps Inc. Promotion Video"

Music, Lyrics and Arrangement by SouLandscape


SouLandscape composed music for Internet Movie Collaboration Service "Musiclaps," currently called "hippotrax."

SouLandscape played roll in the promotion video.

This video was played before Japanese film "Uzumasa Limelight" at its Los Angeles, Canada, New York premiere and theaters everywhere on its general release.


The music video was directed by illustrator/animator minomiyabi ("")


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